Classic Car Maintenance and Servicing

Classic Car Modifications and Upgrades

We offer a full mechanical engineering service from minor mechanical repairs to full engine rebuilds, transmission, suspension and brake rebuilds, including a white metalling service. All our work is carried out to a very high standard by staff who have a collective experience of over 50 years.

From annual check ups, to wheel balancing, to full classic car maintenance and servicing – Automotive services Bedford provide all the maintenance services you require for your classic car. We make sure that your classic car is in top condition year after year. Our classic car maintenance services include:

Classic Car Servicing and MOTs Classic car Servicing and MOTs
Servicing and annual maintenance is a vital part of classic car ownership, we carry out servicing and inspections for long standing customers every year
Classic Car Spoked Wheels Spoked Wheels
Having, personally, experienced the difficult of getting spoked wheels accurately balanced, we have invested in the specialist equipment to do the job properly. Most high street tyre fitters cannot accurately balance spoked wheels.
Routine Maintenance - Annual or incremental servicing - Minor and major mechanical repairs - body chassis corrosion protection,prevention is much more cost-effective than cure! - Caring for your 'motoring heritage'

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Classic Car Mods and Upgrades

To get the very best out of your classic car, we recommend offer the following modifications and enhancements:

  • Suspension Handling Kits
  • Uprated brakes
  • Uprated engines or performance engines.
  • Uprated gearboxes
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Power-assisted steering kits
  • Dynamo to alternator conversions
  • Uprated radiators for improved cooling
  • Uprated cooling fan kits
  • Modern stereo systems fitted incorporating iPod and MP3
  • Modern speakers fitted behind custom-made trim panels
  • Fully integrated air-con systems
  • Alarms, immobilisers and central-locking systems
  • Wooden and veneered dashboards
  • Big bore exhaust and manifold systems

Classic Car Upgrades